Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Run, Baby, Run!

Post Run:  Posing in the centerfield of Charlotte Motor Speedway 
On Sunday, Alekzander and I ran our first 5K together; this one benefited Young Life and was held at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Andrew ran too, but he was so fast, we can't say that we really ran with him... although when he finished, he looped around to meet up with me, Alekzander and my sweet friend, Abbey, and he ran with us to the finish line.  

There's something about a race that both excites me and throws me in to a fit of anxiety.  I barely slept the night before and was snippy the morning of...  not that it mattered how I finished; its not like a team was counting on me for points at track meet... and I certainly wasn't in contention for the top female runner.  I was a mommy to an almost 4-month old riding patiently in a jogging stroller, with hole-y running shoes, a new snazzy blue running top, and rhythmic, bouncing braids.  I was a friend along for the run, chatting away about anything and everything except breathing... running... aching... moving.  I was a wife cheering (silently in my heart) for my husband who was fast... faster than he gave himself credit for.  And I was a runner!  It felt good to run again, as much as I hate to admit that!  I have had a lengthy love/hate relationship with running for almost 15 years.

Lucky (or not) for Alekzander, he has running in his blood.  Andrew is a natural... and I have great respect for the sport and the discipline it requires.  Whether or not Alekzander chooses to pursue running in the future, we hope that we can be positive examples of health and balance...and love. 

For the next few years, Alekzander will finish each 5K a second before I do as I literally push him in the stroller, and Andrew will figuratively push us both through the finish line.  And I know that there will be a day when my little man's little legs carry him faster than mine can... but I can't wait for more family fun in the form of a 5K road race!

The running crew:  Abbey, Allen, Pete, Todd, Andrew, Alekzander, Ashley

Here are the results.
Who would have thought they would get Alekzander's first name right but mess up his last name?

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  1. I love your family picture! :) You look great, Ash! Where is Alekzander's blue Nike shirt?!

  2. Congrats to the family. There's nothing better than a Swistak story. The Williams' family is looking forward to being part of the next 5K adventure.

  3. if alekzander has dad;s lungs and endless energy, be ready to buy multiple running shoes and counting the number of laps around the house to equal a half always g pa s.