Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Goes Up - Tyler's Treehouse 5k

What goes up must come down.  I heard that numerous times today and am quite thankful for that simple and predictable fact of physics, especially when it comes to running hills.  Big ones.  Long ones.  Frequent rolling ones. 

In addition to remembering a sad, dark day nine years ago,  today we honored the bright, but too short, life of a local five and a half year old.  We ran in a 5K race to support a foundation called Tyler's Treehouse; it was kicked off by Tyler's younger brother saying, "Weddy, Set, Go!"  And we were off.  In a sea of colors... to run down streets lined with people in green and yellow (Tyler's colors) cheering us on.  By the time I made it to the starting line with the jogging stroller, I saw a flash of orange (Andrew's shirt) a quarter-mile ahead rounding the first turn and then I didn't see Andrew again until he looped back to (literally and figuratively) push Alekzander and I toward the finish line (after his overall eighth place finish!). Thanks to Andrew, Alekzander and I finished strong after tackling the many hills in Old Georgetown.  It wasn't pretty, but we did it!

The happy hum of the runners, the excited energy and solemn spirit of the race, the beautiful houses in the neighborhood, and the cool late summer morning made it a perfect start to a good day.

The look of determination :: After 3 miles

And a cute baby!

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  1. Congrats to one winning family. love always gps