Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bunker Hill Monument on Breed's Hill

Only have a few minutes to view a historic monument
that you've wanted to see for a long time?  
No problem if you are a runner.  This is one of the things I like about running... 
it provides opportunities (albeit sometimes small)
and opens doors that might normally not be there.
For me that was an opportunity to check out Bunker Hill and go to the top 
of the monument while Ashley waiting in the car with a sleeping Alekzander.

 Up-close views of the Bunker Hill 
& Col. William Prescott monuments
on Breed's Hill

{Did you know that the famous Bunker Hill battle and 
"Don't shoot until you see the white's of the enemies' eyes" tactic
actually took place on Breed's Hill NOT Bunker Hill?}

Breathtaking (for more reasons than one) view of Boston
from the top of the monument which was opened to the public
specifically and exclusively for/during Harbor Fest

{Did you know you can reach the top in just over 2 minutes?
I climbed/ran all 294 steps and felt every one but the experience/views were worth it}

Ashley's view of Breed's Hill
{Alekzander fell asleep during the 3 minute drive up and over 
two blocks from our secret parking spot on a Charlestown street 
and Ashley was content with this view which gave 
me the opportunity to get a little stair workout in}

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