Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a couple that runs together...

a couple that runs together...
lives longer together
takes turns leading each other
and enjoys the view while following
has fun together
finds more time for each other
knows baby joggers are made out of lead
learns and appreciates each others strengths
loves each other despite the weaknesses
experiences new things together
learns how to share the road/trail with each other
climbs mountains together
learns to enjoy the journey together
becomes healthier together
are going in the same direction together
bare their 'soles' with each other
spends quality time side by side
goes further together
learn to be silly together
knows how to 'workout' things
are miles ahead of those that don't
gets more out of life

...and knows it doesn't matter how fast or slow they go, 
or what obstacles they find in their path, 
as long as they are heading in the same direction and making relentless forward progress... together

long may we run!

happy valentine's day love!

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